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We all have voices that can engage an audience - it's just a case of knowing how. With professional voice skills training (voice coaching) anyone can learn how to get the most out of their voice for clear business communication.

Spruikit has been delivering voice skills training (voice coaching) since 2005. During this time we've helped hundreds of people to improve their vocal communication, clarity and diversity.

Spruikit Voice Skills Training (Voice Coaching) will help you use your voice more effectively when speaking:

  • One-to-one (in-person and on-the-phone)
  • One-to-a-few (meetings and presentations)
  • One-to-many (seminars and conferences)

Spruikit Voice Skills Training (Voice Coaching) can help you to:

  • Reduce vocal fatigue
  • Develop good voice techniques
  • Use voice more effectively
  • Eliminate distracting voice habits
  • Communicate with conviction
  • Better engage an audience
  • Develop good pronunciation techniques
  • Use vowels and consonants correctly
  • Be understood more clearly
  • Improve speech rhythm


Private Workshops

For groups of your staff across Australia

Are you an HR Manager, Learning & Development Manager, Line Manager, General Manager or Assistant with teams of staff needing improved voice skills?

Spruikit will prepare a tailored voice skills training (voice coaching) course that’s perfect for you and conveniently deliver at your workplace.



Private Coaching

For you or one of your staff

Voice skills training (voice coaching) just for one? Spruikit can prepare a tailored voice skills training (voice coaching) course that's conducted one-on-one in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia or via Skype.


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