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Speaking in public can be a challenging experience. However, with professional public speaking training and a commitment to practice, you can rise to the challenge to become a more confident and inspirational public speaker.

Spruikit has been delivering public speaking courses and public speaking coaching since 2005. During this time we've helped thousands of people find their voice and be more comfortable at speaking in front of others.

Spruikit Public Speaking Training will help you:

  • Overcome speaking fears and gain confidence
  • Better understand your audience
  • Develop your message 
  • Articulate your point-of-view
  • Use your voice more effectively
  • Handle questions more confidently


Private Workshops

Do you have teams of up to 12 needing improved public speaking skills?

Spruikit will prepare a tailored public speaking course that’s perfect for you and conveniently deliver at your workplace. Depending on your needs it could be a:

  • Public speaking information session (half-day) to help participants structure a simple message, ease nerves and increase confidence speaking
  • Public speaking workshop that’s interactive and practical (full-day) and comprehensively covers all aspects of how to speak well
  • Public speaking practice session for more experienced speakers (half-day) who want more practice speaking with expert input and critiquing



Private Coaching

For those with special or specific needs we can prepare a tailored public speaking coaching course that’s conducted one-on-one in a meeting room at your workplace.


I was very happy with the quality of the workshop and this was very beneficial. I am interested on hearing about more workshops in the future regarding presenting and voice coaching. David and Marianne were great and provide great feedback. Thanks!

Public Workshop Participant

I learnt to relax and breathe. Take my time and slow down my talking. I was very pleased with the training and I only have positive feedback.

Melbourne Public Workshop Participant

03 9427 8180

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