We are delighted to share with you some feedback from past participants who have attended Spruikit Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training.

The whole group really got a lot out of the Spruikit sessions - look forward to having you as a part of the program next year!

Learning and Development Manager

There are absolutely no improvements that I could suggest. This was the best training course I have ever attended.

Australian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

The course went well above all of my expectations. The skills and knowledge that I developed in one day was valuable and relevant to my work. The practical exercises were excellent to slowly ease you into public speaking and presenting with confidence.

Australian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

The facilitators made participants feel very comfortable and confident. I really liked that they acknowledged at the start that it was a big step for some people to even attend the training. It made a very good learning environment.

Australian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

No changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the training, finding it to be captivating, interesting and entertaining. Fantastic.

Victorian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

Fantastic training. David and Marianne were great in being able to build on strengths in people while identifying and encouraging them to work on their weaknesses. I learnt a lot about myself and certainly observed the changes in just the one day of training. Highly recommend it to anyone.


Great training course, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and got a lot from it. David and Marianne were fantastic facilitators. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.


Fantastic workshop. I got so much from the session I attended, my confidence improved so much.

Private Workshop Participant

Could not fault Marianne/David, very professional, knew the content inside out and provided examples to content with case studies and real life experiences. Will strongly recommend the course to others. Thanks for the opportunity, a great experience!

Victorian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

Marianne and David provided a bit of both worlds, different styles, both very engaging. The small group allowed great individualised attention. I was impressed with how they handled the impact of an accent on  presentation; respectfully, practically and effectively. For me, the information on how to structure what I want to say was invaluable, it will really help me deliver complex subject matter to a critical audience. Fun format - I recommend Spruikit to help you shape up your presentation!

Russelle Beardon