Image Development Training


Spruikit Image Development TrainingBe Prepared

It takes an audience just 15 seconds to sum you up visually and 30 seconds to sum you up audibly. Image development training helps you leave the right first impression by sharpening your skills in deportment, posture, body language, wardrobe, grooming, communication skills, etiquette and attitude.

Spruikit Image Development Training offers ever-lasting life skills to:

  • Feel more confident
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Be more self-assured
  • Have improved verbal, vocal, and visual impact
  • Have greater self-esteem
  • Know how to make the right impression


Private Workshops

For groups across Australia

Do you have teams of staff or groups of students needing improved skills in the area of image development?

Spruikit will prepare a tailored image development course that’s perfect for the demographics of your group and conveniently deliver at your workplace or school.



Example: Confidence and Communication for Young Women

Spruikit's Confidence and Communication for Young Women Program has been designed specifically for young women in the final years of secondary schooling. The training combines practical hands-on image development advice with opportunities for students to practise in a fun, relaxed and inclusive environment. Content includes how to:

  • Make the right impression
  • Walk with poise and confidence
  • Improve your communication skills, and
  • Speak with clarity and certainty.

The training also includes:

  • Advice on skincare, wardrobe and makeup
  • Social and business etiquette
  • ... and much more