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Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts and messages. For every Manager and Business Leader, good communication skills are imperative to help engage with stakeholders, articulate vision, more effectively manage teams, and encourage innovation.

Spruikit has been delivering communication skills courses for many years. Over this time we’ve helped hundreds of people to communicate more clearly.

Spruikit Communication Skills Training will help you:

  • Identify the dynamics of your communication style
  • Improve your capacity to influence and persuade others through interpersonal communication elements
  • Develop the skills to communicate with credibility and personal power
  • Develop clear messages and deliver them in engaging ways
  • Develop specific verbal, vocal and visual communication skills
  • Listen to improve two-way communication
  • Handle questions
  • Manage non-verbal behaviours


Private Workshops

For groups of your staff across Australia

Are you an HR Manager, Learning & Development Manager, Line Manager, General Manager or Assistant with teams of up to 12 staff needing improved communication skills?

Spruikit will prepare a tailored communication skills course that’s perfect for you and conveniently deliver at your workplace. Depending on your needs it could be a:

  • Communication skills information session (half-day) to help participants understand different communication styles and to structure and deliver simple messages in engaging and effective ways
  • Communication skills workshop that’s interactive and practical (full-day) and comprehensively covers all aspects of how to communicate to be understood


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