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Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training to Help Make Your Local Community a Better Place

Spruikit has worked with local government extensively and been a Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Councillor Development training provider since 2009. We have trained hundreds of Victorian councillors, council staff and council executive management to help them:

  • Overcome speaking fears and gain confidence
  • Better understand their audience
  • Develop their message 
  • Articulate their point-of-view
  • Use their voice more effectively
  • Handle questions more confidently


Spruikit Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training for Councillors, Council Staff and/or Council Executive Management

We deliver in-house workshops, at your council offices, for small groups (up to 8) and large groups (9 to 12). Programs are tailored to suit the seniority and experience levels of each group.



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Be Empowered

Spruikit delivers online and face-to-face presentation skills training to help in the preparation and delivery of online and face-to-face presentations:

- Discussions
- Negotiations
- Board meetings
- Team presentations
- Public speaking events
- Seminars and conferences


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