Could not fault Marianne/David, very professional, knew the content inside out and provided examples to content with case studies and real life experiences. Will strongly recommend the course to others. Thanks for the opportunity, a great experience!

Victorian Public Service, Public Workshop Participant

Marianne and David provided a bit of both worlds, different styles, both very engaging. The small group allowed great individualised attention. I was impressed with how they handled the impact of an accent on  presentation; respectfully, practically and effectively. For me, the information on how to structure what I want to say was invaluable, it will really help me deliver complex subject matter to a critical audience. Fun format - I recommend Spruikit to help you shape up your presentation!

Russelle Beardon

David and Marianne teach the essentials of presenting in a friendly, clear and thorough manner. The day starts with some interesting theory on presenting and moves into small practical exercises that are simple and effective in getting you to overcome your weaknesses and emphasize your strengths. Anyone who does this course will come away with a much better understanding of how to present effectively and more importantly confidence in their ability to present.

Bill Robinson

Excellent, experienced facilitators communicated their knowledge well. I learnt lots. Today I gave a radio interview and for the first time ever, was not nervous. This was a direct result of the presentation skills workshop. I actually looked forward to the interview applying the skills I learnt to be more effective.

Private Workshop Participant

The presenters were knowledgeable, experienced, engaging and worked as a team. This contributed to gaining the most from the training.

Public Workshop Participant

Techniques to improve the way we sound was something new for me to explore. I think the reinforcement of good practice is an important take away for me. Also the tips on how to relax or loosen up are thing I will try. I enjoyed the session as it was. More practice is always good as daunting as it is. I would certainly be interested in trying to develop this area further.

Public Workshop Participant

Presenters are extremely knowledgeable and easily to follow. Both are easy to talk to without feeling you were talked at. I found the sessions covered everything I wanted.

Private Workshop Participant

I learnt to make my presentations flow a bit better, I learnt to minimise my presentations so as to allow the people I'm speaking to take more in and remember more. Honestly, I wouldnt change anything. I absolutely loved it and got so much out of it.

Public Workshop Participant

The presenters were very easy and clear to understand and offered good constructive advice which I will certainly take on board. Thanks for the course, it was a benefical day.

Public Workshop Participant

I really enjoyed the workshop and have recommended other staff to go through this. Well done guys...

Public Workshop Participant

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